Past Productions

Holiday Reading Series


BarCo's Holiday Reading Series has been going strong since February 2017. Set around different holidays, each night features original short plays exploring the corresponding theme of that holiday. 




BarCo took part in NYC's Inaugural FridgeFest in Summer 2017. FridgeFest was a cheeky play on the fact the FringeNYC took the year off. The festival showcased a variety of work all tied together by having a fridge onstage as an integral part of your piece. The Barrington Collective's Moving Out was written by our own Jenny King and featured three women grappling with ending their time together as roommates.

What do a Baptist, a bro in handcuffs, & a botched funeral have in common? Not enough and more than you think. In this rapid-fire dark comedy where one word can have multiple meanings and shared phrases weave in and out of the collective unconscious, three couples’ unique problems complement & crash into each other.

Reconciling follows three pairs of twenty-somethings dealing with different coming of age problems. Two exes fight over their failed relationship and the once shared religious faith that came between them, one friend betrays another in the ultimate act of slut shaming, and two siblings finally confront each other over their family failures and secrets. These independent storylines play out simultaneously as tensions boil over and all six realize that in order to get to the end of their story, they'll have to help everyone else get there too.

Reconciling enjoyed a London preview run at Etcetera Theatre before transferring up to theSpace on the Mile (Venue 39) for the full run of the 2015 Edinburgh Fringe Festival where it received all four star reviews. BarCo and Reconciling had their American premiere at the SoHo Playhouse in August 2016 as a part of FringeNYC's 20th Anniversary Season where the show was named a "Best Bet."

Reviews for Reconciling:

"When theatre lovers discuss what makes the Fringe festival so special, it constantly comes back to uniqueness. At its best, Fringe allows for work that is envelope-pushing, ambitious, and risky, backed up by the passion and love of craft that sustains the theatre world. Reconciling hits all these notes and goes beyond, offering an exceptional demonstration of the art of live theatre at its best."
"Reconciling’s beauty is the kind which can only happen in live theatre, and it is a joy to see a young, ambitious group of theatre practitioners harness their craft so well."
-THEASY (Link to full review)

"ingeniously constructed and eloquently performed; worth seeing for its structure alone but also for the the tales it tells"
"in its execution it becomes beguilingly simple and as wondrous as turning a kaleidoscope"
"Thanks to The Barrington Collective fractals have entered a new dimension and the theatre world is richer for their arrival"

-BROADWAY BABY (Link to full review)

"A dynamic work from an impressive new company"
"really creative and exciting"
-ED FEST MAG (Link to full review)

"It's a rapid-fire barrage of dialogue that demands the audience's full attention"
"It's tremendous fun: three good plays crammed together into less than an hour"

-THREE WEEKS (Link to full review)

FringeNYC Cast:
David Beckett - Chris
JoJo Ginn - Monica
Dillon Heape* - Charlie
Jenny King - Molly
Katie Morrill - Jane
Cesar Muñoz - Tate
      *appearing courtesy of Actors' Equity Association

Edinburgh Fringe Cast:
David Beckett - Chris
JoJo Ginn - Monica
Jenny King - Molly
Katie Morrill - Jane
Matthew Tillett - Charlie
Nick Wakely - Tate

Playwright - Jenny King
Director - Julia Hinson
Assistant Director - Emma Lee Roddy
Sound Design - Ryan Swift Joyner


This interactive one-woman show follows a plucky American adventurer from the 1800s as she navigates the joys and consequences of time travel. A woman apart, a ghost skimming across the fabric of time, she finds herself in complete isolation unable to interact with anyone around her. Can she stop the swiftly increasing roller coaster that is her life? What will happen if she doesn't? Can you help her? Join PiTH in an honest and quirky exploration of modern humanity, technological isolation, and the universe- micro to macro. Oh, and did we mention the machetes?

PiTH enjoyed its world premiere at the 2015 Edinburgh Fringe Festival where it ran in rep with Reconciling.